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The 1998 legislature passed Ch. 90.82 RCW, to set a framework for developing local solutions to watershed issues on a watershed basis. Ch. 90.82 RCW states that the legislature finds that the local development of watershed plans for managing water resources and for protecting existing water rights is vital to both state and local interests.

Six Department of Ecology Water Resource Inventory Areas (WRIAs) are within Spokane County.

The County is the lead agency for WRIA 55/57 - Little and Middle Spokane River, and WRIA 54 - Lower Spokane River. The County is a member of and actively participates in the WRIA 56 - Hangman Creek and WRIA 34 - Palouse Planning Units. The County does not currently participate in WRIA 43 - Upper Crab Creek due to the small portion of the WRIA with the County.


For a history and evolution of water law, visit this Department of Ecology page - The History of Water Law

For more about WRIAs and to identify your WRIA, visit DOE's Water Availability in Your Watershed.

For complete watershed planning information - including the Hydrogeologic Data Portal - visit Spokane River Watersheds. This web page is maintained through a multi-agency effort but if you have specific questions, please email waterinfo@spokanecounty.org.  Your email will be directed to the correct person.

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