SCRBHO Contracted Providers

SCRBHO Contracted Providers 
The following listed entities describe the primary participants in the Spokane system of care network.

Behavioral Health Organization


The County entity housed within Spokane County Community Services, Housing, and Community Development Department, which administers public and local sales tax dollars for mentally ill and substance use disorder individuals and their families who reside in Spokane County.

Administrative Services Organization (ASO)

A Behavioral Health Organization (BHO) contracted entity which oversees the authorization of inpatient and outpatient services. 


 Health Advisory Board (BHAB)

The Behavioral Health Advisory Board is a citizen advisory board of the Community Services, Housing, and Community Development Department of Spokane County. The board members comprise a voluntary citizen board whose role is to advise the department and Board of County Commissioners on matters relating to mental health and substance use disorder services in Spokane County. Each member is expected to represent all citizens of the County in their recommendations and advice.

Citizen Advisory Board to the SCRBHO, constructed and maintained in accordance with WAC 388-865-0252. It’s recommendations are reviewed by the Board of County Commissioners.

Consumer Consultation Panel

A subcommittee of the Behavioral Health Advisory Board. This group consists of consumers of mental health services. They advise the SCRBHO and BHAB on issues pertaining to planning from a service recipient perspective.

Board of County Commissioners (BOCC)

The County governing body for Spokane County Community Services, Housing, and Community Development Department which includes the SCRBHO.


Contracted individual responsible for implementing WAC 388-865-0262. The Ombuds assists and advocates for SCRBHO individuals and their families who have concerns, complaints and/or grievances regarding their services on the mental health system of care.

Quality Review Team (QRT)

The QRT is the team responsible for implementing WAC 388-865-0266. This team shall review provider and SCRBHO performance, with a focus on customer satisfaction. Recommendations of the QRT are forwarded to the SCRBHO for action.