Spokane River

The primary body of water running through the most populous area of the county, the Spokane River has two tributaries - Latah (Hangman) Creek and Little Spokane. There is no debate as to the value and importance of the river to area, and even regional, residents.

A wealth of information is available about the Spokane River. We encourage you to explore these web pages to learn more.

Department of Ecology, Spokane River Basin

The Department of Ecology, Spokane River Basin is a comprehensive and useful web page which addresses both river quality and river quantity issues.

Department of Ecology, Urban Waters Initiative, Spokane River

Urban waters are rivers, bays, or other water bodies close to high-population, urban areas. Portions of the Spokane River certainly qualify as an urban water.

Spokane River Forum

The Spokane River Forum serves as a clearinghouse and information exchange for all things Spokane River.

Spokane River Regional Toxics Task Force

The Spokane River Regional Toxics Task Force (SRRTTF) leads efforts to find and reduce toxic compounds in the Spokane River. The goal of the task force is to develop a comprehensive plan to bring the Spokane River into compliance with water quality standards for PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls). These pollutants exceed water quality standards in several segments of the river.