Animal Exhibit Superintendents

  1. Karen Brash

    Youth Swine Co-Superintendent
    Superintendent Statement
    Welcome to the Spokane County Interstate Fair, where we annually celebrate our heritage, culture, and community by providing wholesome family fun, great entertainment, friendly competition, and educational experiences for the whole family! The Fair is where agriculture, industry, education, and recreation unite in a cooperative effort to dynamically portray the resources and accomplishments of our youth.  The Swine Barn offers something for everyone, and showcases and celebrates the achievements of Spokane County’s youth swine exhibitors, whether involved in 4-H, FFA, or any other youth organizations. See you in the Swine Barn!  Superintendent since 2001.

  2. Krystal Cordill

    Beef Cattle Superintendent (1st Half)
    Superintendent since 2017.

  3. Blaine Brown

    Critter Country Superintendent
    Superintendent Statement
    See you at the fair!  Superintendent since 2005.

  4. Chris Campbell

    Youth Sheep Superintendent
    Superintendent Statement
    Welcome to the Sheep Barn! Before weighing your lamb, make sure they are dry, have no more than 3/4 of an inch of fleece, have blankets removed, QA form completed and signed, scrapie tag in ear (fair will not supply), and health certificate if coming from somewhere other than the State of Washington. I will be inspecting all market lambs, checking for extreme tail docks, and collecting all paperwork and then giving you a ticket that will allow the lamb to be weighed. I hope everyone will follow the stated rules, so no lambs get sent home at check in. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation as we meet the changing needs of the sheep industry.  Superintendent since 2012.

  5. Joe Coppersmith

    Rodeo Superintendent
    Superintendent since 1995.

  6. Taya Hardenbrook

    Livestock Admin. Superintendent

    Superintendent since 2008.

  7. Morgan Garratt

    Open Sheep Assistant Superintendent
    Superintendents Statement
    Superintendent since 2019.

  8. Valerie Johnston

    Equine Assistant Superintendent
    Superintendent Statement
    Superintendent since 2019.

  9. Danne Hudson

    Open Sheep Superintendent
    Superintendent since 2004.

  10. Dennis Kroll

    Livestock Superintendent
    Superintendent Statement
    I look forward to seeing our exhibitors at this year's Fair. I also want to thank all of the superintendents for their hard work and dedication. It is a pleasure working with each of you.  Superintendent since 1977.

  11. Barbara Kunze

    Goats Superintendent
    Superintendent since 2005.

  12. Amanda Wick

    Youth Rabbit Superintendent

    Superintendent since 2022.

  13. Tyler Burnett

    Market Stock Auction Superintendent
    Superintendent Statement
    The 2019 sale order is Beef, Sheep, Goats, Poultry, Rabbits then Swine. The sale will be hosted on the first Sunday of the Interstate Fair in the Swine Barn this year, so we'll see you at the Sale! Please join us for the Booster Club meetings to help plan this year's Market Sale.  Superintendent since 2019.

  14. Teresa Balderrama

    Beef Cattle Superintendent (2nd Half)
    Superintendents Statement
    Superintendent since 2017.

  15. Rick Perleberg

    FFA Judging Superintendent
    Superintendent Statement
    I look forward to seeing each of you on FFA Monday, when we will have the opportunity to compete for the title of Best Individual Tractor Driver and Top Team.  Additional contests include livestock judging!  Superintendent since 2003. 

  16. Gail Rich

    Equine Superintendent
    Superintendent Statement
    We welcome all of you to this year's Fair! Once again, we are looking forward to a great time with each and every one of you!  Superintendent since 1998.

  17. Tammi Richards

    Goats Assistant Superintendent
    Superintendent since 2008.

  18. Billie Jo Watson

    Round Robin Superintendent
    Superintendent since 1998.

  19. Ben Wick

    Llamas Superintendent
    Superintendent Statement
    Do you have llamas? If you do, you should bring them to the Fair! We will continue this year to focus on education and fun in the barn.  Superintendent since 2009.