Housing & Community Development Division Overview

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There is a proven link between stable housing and the health and well-being of individuals and families.  The Spokane County Housing and Community Development Division works hard to ensure that our programs and services identify and fund housing options to serve a large cross-section of our most vulnerable citizens to help them maintain physical and behavioral health and encourage stable employment, family-unity, community-involvement, and education.   

Spokane County receives annual entitlements in federal funds and is solely responsible for ensuring that activities funded are conducted in compliance with all federal, state, and local laws and regulations. The benefits of each activity and the overall entitlement program(s) are provided principally to low and moderate-income individuals/households within the County, exclusive of the City of Spokane.

The Spokane County Community Services, Housing, and Community Development Department also administers homeless and affordable housing programs using local document recording fees.

Please Note:

Spokane County does NOT own or manage affordable housing properties and therefore cannot offer assistance directly to individuals. 

Please check for available affordable housing units at: http://www.housingsearchnw.org/ or dial 2-1-1 for referrals on housing options.