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Due to the Court’s Emergency Order Re. COVID 19 and the on going changes, the Guardianship Monitoring Program (GMP) Staff will have limited face to face contact with parties.  Please follow safety requirements of facial coverings and 6 feet social distance spacing.   The preferred method of communication is email.

The Family Law Center, Room 200 is practicing social distancing. All parties are encouraged to not come to the Courthouse, instead please use the mail in process for Annual Reports.   If you must drop off Annual Reports you may drop off in the Court Administrator’s Office on the 3rd Floor Courthouse annex. Please see COVID-19 Guardianship Policy for specifics. 

We apologize for this inconvenience and appreciate your understanding as we work through this unprecedented time. 

COVID-19 Guardianship Policy

​Mandatory Family Guardian Training – Changes are Coming. 

The monthly training held in the Juror Assembly Room will be online soon.  You will have to complete a test and have a case number before a training verification will be issued. In the meantime, language should be added in Orders Appointing Guardians to indicate Guardian will take this training within 30 days of it being available.   Thank you for your patience during this transition. 

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    Spokane Superior Court was selected as an implementation site for a pilot Eviction Resolution Program. The goal of the program is to divert residential unlawful detainer cases based on nonpayment of rent through an alternative dispute resolution process. Read on...
All forms are available in PDF version. Please note the most current updated forms are mandatory for Spokane County's Guardianship Monitoring Program. These forms are not to be modified from the version available. However, please add additional sheets of paper to answer questions thoroughly. Forms must be single sided and completed in type or handwritten legibly in blue or black ink. Forms must have a one inch margin plus a three inch header on the first page of forms submitted. No forms (including bench copies or financial audit responses) are accepted via fax or e-mail. Please refer to "Instructions for Filing" and "How To Instructions" for additional filing procedures. If you have questions about guardianship and/or trust forms please contact the Spokane County Guardianship Monitoring Program, by email or call 509-477-2622.

Please Use For All Guardianship Care Plans, Documents and Reports not in the COVID-19 Guardianship POLICY until further notice - COVID Instructions for Filing 

 Instructions for Filing Reports - 

Form Number Form Title
00 Instructions for Filing Care Plans (for guardian of person only)
(SPO GDN 0000) (PDF)
00 Instructions for Filing Guardianship Documents
(SPO GDN 0000) (PDF)
00 Restricted Access Document Information
(SPO GDN 0000) (PDF)

Packet 1: Forms for Guardian Appointment Process and Initial Guardian Activities

Forms for Guardian Appointment Process

Form Number
Form Title
01 Petition for Guardianship of Person and/or Estate
(SPO GDN 02.0100) (PDF)
02 Notice of Guardianship Petition
(SPO GDN 02.0200) (PDF)
03 Order Appointing Guardian Ad Litem and Notice of Hearing
(SPO GDN 02.0300) (PDF)
04 Guardian Ad Litem's Statement of Qualifications
(SPO GDN 02.0400) (PDF)
05A Petition to Appoint Attorney for Alleged Incapacitated Person
(SPO GDN 02.0505) (PDF)
05B Order Appointing Attorney for Alleged Incapacitated Person
(SPO GDN 02.0506) (PDF)
06 Medical/Psychological Report
(SPO GDN 02.0606) (PDF)
07 Guardian Ad Litem Report
(SPO GDN 02.0700) (PDF)
07A Guardian Ad Litem Report Public Document Summary
(SPO GDN 02.0701) (PDF)
Guardian Ad Litem Interim Report
(SPO GDN 02.0702) (PDF)
Declaration of GAL (PDF)(SPO GDN 02.0703)
Motion to Exceed Authorized Hours for Guardian Ad Litem Investigation (PDF)(SPO GDN 02.0704)
Order Authorizing Additional Hours (PDF)(SPO GDN 02.0705)
08 Declaration of Proposed Guardian (Certified)
(SPO GDN 02.0800) (PDF)
 08A Declaration Pursuant to LSPR 98.18
09 Declaration of Proposed Guardian (Non-Certified)
(SPO GDN 02.0900) (PDF)
10 Order Appointing Limited Guardian of Person/Full Guardian of Person and/or Limited Guardian of Estate/Full Guardian of Estate
(SPO GDN 02.0101) (PDF)
10A Order Appointing Successor Limited Guardian of Person/Full Guardian of Person and/or Limited Guardian of Estate/Full Guardian of Estate
(SPO GDN 02.0102) (PDF)
10B Judgment Summary (PDF)(SPO GDN 02.103)
11 Declaration of Service
(SPO GDN 02.0110) (PDF)
 11A Note for Hearing Issue of Law Guardianship/Trust (SPO GDN 02.0111)
12 Notice of Loss of Voting Rights
(SPO GDN 02.0120) (PDF)
59A Petition to Waive or Extend Time for Guardian Training
(SPO GDN 0590) (PDF)
59B Order to Waive or Extend Time for Guardian Training
(SPO GDN 0591) (PDF)

Forms for Initial Guardian Activities

Form Number Form Title
20 Oath of Guardian
(WPF GDN 04.0200) (PDF)
20A Designation of and Consent by In-State (Resident) Agent
(WPF GDN 04.0300) (PDF)
21 Guardianship Inventory
(WPF GDN 04.0500) (PDF)
22 Initial Personal Care Plan
(WPF GDN 04.0700) (PDF)
23 Designation of Standby Guardian
(WPF GDN 04.0350) (PDF)
25 Notice of Right to Request Special Notice
(WPF GDN 04.0800) (PDF)
27 Declaration of Guardian: Assets Held in Financial Institutions
(WPF GDN 04.0400) (PDF)
28 Notice Concerning Fiduciary Relationship and Instructions
(SPO GDN 02.0280) (PDF)
33A Petition for Approval of Budget, Disburse, & Initial Personal Care Plan
(WPF GDN 05.0100) (PDF)
33B Order Approving Budget, Disburse, & Initial Personal Care Plan
(SPO GDN 05.0500) (PDF)
33C Order Approving Personal Care Plan [ ] Initial [ ] Periodic
(SPO GDN 02.0330) (PDF)
37 Receipt of Funds into Blocked Account
(WPF GDN 04.0600) (PDF)

Filing a Guardian Complaint

Mandatory Guardian Training

If you had difficulty viewing the provided Instructions for Guardians DVD or need a refresher please view the In-Person Guardian Training Video.
In-Person Guardian Training Video

Sample Guardianship Forms