Guardianship Forms

Below you will find sets of commonly used guardianship forms. Guardianship forms must be completed in their entirety prior to your hearing. Incomplete forms will cause delays and may possibly result in the need to reschedule your hearing. For additional information regarding these forms, please contact the Spokane County Guardianship Monitoring Program, by email or call 509-477-2622..

Please be sure that the completed document conforms to all rules governing acceptable document format, particularly those stated in General Rule 14. This includes but is not limited to the requirement that writing/printing shall appear on one side of the page only.

These forms are not to be modified from the version available. However, if you need more space to write, you add additional sheets of paper. Remember to note what section your expanding upon.  Forms must be single sided and completed in type or handwritten legibly in blue or black ink. Forms must have a one inch margin plus a three inch header on the first page of forms submitted. No forms (including bench copies or financial audit responses) are accepted via fax or e-mail. Please refer to "Instructions for Filing" and "How To Instructions" for additional filing procedures.

If you have questions about guardianship and/or trust forms please contact the Spokane County Guardianship Monitoring Program, by email or call 509-477-2622.

  1. Available Packets
  2. Instructions & Cover Sheets
  3. Appointment Process
  4. Annual Reports
  5. Sale of Property
  6. Closing Guardianship
  7. Miscellaneous
  8. Transfer to Washington
  9. Transfer Other State
  10. Filing a Guardian Complaint
  11. Trust Court Forms
  12. Sample Forms

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  • Forms for Guardian Appointment Process and Initial Guardian Activities
  • Forms for Annual Reports
  • Forms for Sale of Personal and Real Property
  • Forms for Closing a Guardianship
  • Miscellaneous Guardian Forms
  • Transferring Guardianship/Conservatorship to Washington RCW 11.90.410
  • Transferring Washington Guardianship to Other State RCW 11.90.400

Other Forms & Documents

  • Filing a Guardian Complaint
  • Trust Court Forms
  • Mandatory Guardian Training
  • Sample Guardianship Forms

Mandatory Guardian Training

If you had difficulty viewing the provided Instructions for Guardians DVD or need a refresher please view the In-Person Guardian Training Video.
In-Person Guardian Training Video