Mental Health Overview

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It is the mission of the Spokane County Regional Behavioral Health Organization (SCRBHO)* to help those seeking to recover from mental illness and/or substance abuse disorder live safer, healthier, and more independent lives.  We ensure that our range of care, resources, and services are person-driven, build on strengths and opportunities, and are available and accessible to individuals and their families.

As the administrator of the public mental health and substance use disorder system of care for a seven-county region, the Spokane County Regional Behavioral Health Organization (SCRBHO) offers services and resources that value:

  • Safety and health
  • Cultural diversity and sensitivity
  • Belief that achieving wellness is a reality
  • The dignity of each individual to determine their own path
  • Active partnerships with related services that also assist the individual
  • Promoting a purposeful, satisfying quality of life in one’s own community

 *On April 1, 2016, the Spokane County Behavioral Health Organization (SCRBHO) replaced the Spokane County Regional Support Network as the regional administrator of mental health services.  Under the BHO, mental health services are integrated with substance use disorder (SUD) services under a managed care model.  This transition is part of a statewide initiative to enhance care coordination, improve health outcomes, and reduce unnecessary costs.  The SCRBHO is responsible for providing mental health and substance use disorder services for Medicaid and low-income populations for the counties of Spokane, Pend Oreille, Okanogan, Ferry, Adams, Lincoln, and Stevens.

Behavioral Health Organization Resources

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