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Herbicides and Other Chemicals

All chemicals are assigned Lethal Dose (LD 50) numerical values through certain testing procedures. What LD 50 means is the dose or amount of a pesticide which can kill 50% of the test animals when eaten or absorbed through the skin. LD50 is expressed in milligrams of chemical per kilogram of body weight of the test animal (mg/kg). The lower the LD50 the more acutely toxic the chemical.

Chemical Name Lethal Dose (LD 50) Half Life
Gasoline 19 N/A
Caffeine 190 N/A
2,4-D 300 - 1,000 7 to 28 days
Aspirin 1240 N/A
Banvel 1700 5 months
Table Salt 3320 N/A
Telar / Glean 5545 3 months
Roundup 5600 7.5 days
Tordon 8200 5 months / pint

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