Civil Service Commission


  • 1:00 p.m. PST
  • The 2nd Tuesday of every month
  • When other special meetings are needed
  • Meetings may be held in various locations. Please see the Civil Service website for information regarding the location of each monthly meeting.

Member Specifications

  • Members: 5
  • Term: 6 years

Details: Members must be a resident of the county for at least 2 years immediately preceding their appointment and shall not hold any salaried public office or engage in county employment. Members must be registered to vote as well.  At the time of appointment, only 3 of the 5 Commissioners can belong to the same political party.

Political affiliation must be declared. Hearings are infrequent but may require several days to hear and render a decision. Members serve without compensation.


The Civil Service Commission, historically, has guarded the public from losing the services of good public employees for reasons of political patronage.

Responsibilities/Time Commitment

The Commission has the responsibility of administering the merit system of employment for the county deputy sheriffs and other employees of the Sheriffs Department. Commissioners review applications and conduct hearings on employee grievances. The commission conducts monthly public meetings, certifies eligibility lists, investigates complaints about enforcement of Civil Service system. Conduct hearings regarding discipline of Civil Service employees, keep records, and certify Sheriff payroll. They also provide selection of Sheriff personnel based on merit.

Meets monthly for an average of 1 hour per meeting. 

Spokane County Code/WAC & RCW References