Veteran Services  


Spokane County Regional Veteran Services Center will be closed on Friday, October 11th for training.

Notice: The Spokane County Regional Veteran Services Center is experiencing phone line issues after our move. We’re working to have our lines improved and apologize for any inconvenience experienced in reaching out to our staff. If you are unable to contact our staff via telephone or haven’t heard back after leaving a message, please contact us through email at:

We thank you for your patience as we work through this issue.

Our new site is just 14 minutes away, located on a main bus route, and ADA accessible with ample free parking. During our move and transition to the new facility, we have many contractors working on site, so as we strive to have as minimal disruption of services as possible, be sure to call or visit our website to check for updates before you visit!

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Mission Statement:

The purpose of Spokane County Veteran's Services is to provide emergency assistance/relief to indigent honorably discharged Veteran's, their families and widows pursuant to the laws of the State of Washington.  For more information:  see Chapter 73.08  RCW (Revised Code of Washington)  Veteran's Relief.

Veteran Services Overview:

Attention All Clients:

Are you seeking services from us but have never been in our office?  We encourage you to call prior to coming to our office for the first time. Please see the

eligibility page

for important information.


HB 1213 Relating to the definition of veteran for the purposes of the Spokane County veterans relief fund.