Personal Information Theft

Financial & Personal Information Contacts

  • Credit Cards: Visa Mastercard
  • American Express: 800-441-0519
  • Discover Card: 800-Discover 800-347-2683
  • Banks (Debit Cards/checks), Department Store Cards-call the issuer directly.
  • Experian: 800-301-7195
  • TransUnion: 800-680-7289
  • Social Security Office: 800-772-1213
  • Video rental cards stolen (Hastings, Blockbuster, Premier, etc...) call the business directly.

Cancelling Cell Service

Call your cell service provider and ask them to shut off the service to your lost or stolen phone. Provide the cell company with the date and time you knew you last had the phone and ask them to check for any outgoing calls made from your cell phone after it was lost or stolen. Ask them to send you the list of any such calls. Once you have the list, either mail or fax the list to the records department to be attached to your report as evidence.
Fax to: 509-477-4059
Mail to:
Records Department
PSB-1, 1116 W Broadway Avenue
Spokane, WA. 99260-0001

Make sure to write your full name, address, phone and report numbers on each page of the list you send in.