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Tie-Down Roping


Horse, saddle, and rope


To have the fastest time in the event with no penalties. Once the calf is roped, the roper dismounts his horse, runs to the calf, throws (flanks) the calf down by hand (it cannot be downed by the rope throw), crosses any three legs (usually two hind and one front), and ties the legs with a "piggin' string" including at least one wrap and a "hooey." The flag is dropped (stopping the time) when the roper throws his hands up.

The horse is definitely a full partner in this event. A well trained horse will stop immediately upon a rope catch and then maintain tension on the rope allowing his "partner" the opportunity to get to the calf for a good throw.

Disqualified When

  • The calf kicks free within six seconds after the completion of the run.
  • The contestant does not tie with at least one wrap and a "hooey."


The contestant must give the calf a head start which trips an automatic barrier strung in front of the horse in the roping box. If the horse breaks through the barrier before the calf trips it automatically, the contestant is given a ten second penalty, usually putting him "out of the money."
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