2018 Champions

Bareback Riding

  • Taylor Broussard of Estherwood LA on Just Because
  • Score of 82
  • $1,247
  • Other Winners: George R Gillespie IV (2nd), Grant Denny (3rd), Cody Kiser and Steven Peebles (tie for 4/5), Trenten Montero (6th)

Barrel Racing

  • Tracy Nowlin of Nowata OK 
  • Time of 17.15 Seconds
  • $1,241.64
  • Other Winners: Cheyenne Allan (2nd), Lynette Clyde (3rd), Megan McLeod-Sprague (4th), Cranna Roberts (5th), Callahan Crossley (6th), Kristin Brashears (7th), Sherri Cervi (8th), Jana Bean and Casey Wagner (tie for 9/10)

Bull Riding

  • Nevada Newman of Melstone MT on Party Crasher
  • Score of 83
  • $1,433.12
  • Other Winners: Colby Demo (2nd), Ruger Piva (3rd), Roscoe Jarboe (4th), Wylee Hurst (5th), Jordan Wacey Spears (6th)

Saddle Bronc Riding

  • Tyrel Larsen of Weatherford OK on Indian Giver and Tate Owens of Dublin TX on Arabella (tie)
  • Score of 78.5
  • $1,226.70 each
  • Other Winners: Ryan MacKenzie (3rd), Andrew Evjene (4th), Josh Davison (5th), Nathan Duckworth (6th)

Steer Wrestling

  • JD Struxness of Milan MN
  • Time of 4.4 Seconds
  • $1,615.15
  • Other Winners: Ty Erickson (2nd), Andy Weldon (3rd), Jacob Talley (4th), Justin Kimsey (5th), John Green (6th)

Team Roping

  • Jeff Flenniken of Caldwell ID and Jake Minor of Ellensburg WA
  • Time of 6.3 Seconds
  • $1,195.53 each
  • Other Winners: Shane Erickson / Brent Falon (2nd), Tyler Smith / Andy Carlson (3rd), Kal Fuller / Jerren Johnson (4th), Riley and Brady Minor (5th), Brady Tryan / Levi Lord (6th).

Tie Down Roping

  • Blane Cox of Cameron TX
  • Time of 8.2 Seconds
  • $1,533.37
  • Other Winners: Jake Pratt (2nd), Riley Pruitt (3rd), Seth Hopper (4th), Cade Swor (5th), Chad Johnson (6th)