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The Spokane County Traffic Department is responsible for traffic engineering and traffic operations for Spokane County. The Department maintains traffic control devices for all Spokane County roads. Below is a list of services we provide along with a description and performance measures (if applicable).

Section Services
Services Description/Performance Measure (if available)
Traffic Design This includes designing; traffic signals, signing plans, striping plans, guardrail and other traffic related roadway design.
Traffic Safety Collision data analysis, review of roadway safety, roadside safety/guardrail inventory and analysis.
Roadway Data Inventory Compile computerized database information concerning road classification, road width, surface type, roadway improvements, etc. Data for 2,532 miles of road are maintained.
Traffic Control
Plan Review
Submitted traffic control plans by contractors working in Spokane county right-of-way are reviewed; in a typical year 150 traffic control plans are reviewed. Here is the link to the Spokane County Traffic Control Plan submittal process Traffic Control Plan Process
Striping Roads Yellow centerline, white fog lines, turn bays, etc. 1,750 lane miles are striped each year. See the Traffic FAQ page for information regarding what roads get striped.
Painting Legends Pavement marking legends such as crosswalks, railroad crossings, stop bars, etc. 2,350 legends are painted, on average, each year.
Traffic Signal - Maintenance and Operation 100 signals are maintained by Spokane County, this includes the signal maintenance and operation of Spokane County signals and maintenance of local municipalities signals that include; City of Spokane Valley, Millwood and Liberty Lake. Please see Spokane County Signals (PDF) for a list of traffic signals maintained by Spokane County. To report problems with a signal please see this link: Report a Signal
Traffic Signs - Installation and Maintenance Maintain existing signs and evaluate the necessity of installing new signs. 42,000 signs are maintained by Spokane County, which include 14,000 signs maintained for the City of Spokane Valley. To report problems with a sign, please see this link: Report a Sign
Traffic Counting Vehicles on all arterial roads are counted each year to maintain a database of daily traffic data, approximately 900 traffic counting devices are placed each year, this includes many speed studies and vehicle classification (truck percentage). For the Spokane County Traffic Count page select this link: Traffic Count Atlas
Traffic Study Review Review studies of traffic impact of developments
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