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Instream Flow Work
Little Spokane Instream Flow Report
Middle Spokane River Instream Flow Report
WRIA 54 / 57 Spokane River Instream Flow Rpt (2.20 MB)
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1-LSR @ Elk Park
2-Otter Creek
3-LSR @ Chattaroy
4-Dragoon Creek
5-Deadman Creek
6-LSR @ Pineriver Park
Storage Assessment

Technical Work

The water resources are critical to supporting the ecosystem of these basins including maintenance of habitat for fish, birds and other wildlife. The water resources are also used for many other purposes including drinking water for people, operations of businesses, quality of life, and economic development. Managing the water resources involves making policy decisions that reflect the values of society on the best allocation of the water resources, and managing their use to minimize impacts on the natural ecosystem. These decisions will form the watershed plan.

In order make water resource management decisions, the physical dynamics of the watershed needs to be understood, which is accomplished through technical studies. Every state-sponsored watershed planning effort conducts a Level 1 Assessment in which the existing information is compiled for use by stakeholders, to identify any gaps that may inhibit the development of a good watershed plan, and to form the basis of decisions. The Spokane area is rich in water resource data, and the Planning Unit decided to proceed with additional focused studies including development of an integrated physical model of the watershed and assessment of instream flows in the Little Spokane River.

Other Technical Work

Download Final Reports for
WRIA 55/57 In-Depth Wetland Restoration Studies and
Wetland Assistance and Funding Guide

Download the Little Spokane River Ground-Water Inventory & Mapping Project Report
LSR Groundwater Inventory & Mapping Report (0.5 MB) LSR Groundwater Figure 1-5 (0.8 MB)
LSR Groundwater Figure 2-3 (0.8 MB)
LSR Groundwater Figure 2-4 (0.7 MB)
LSR Groundwater Figure 2-5 (0.7 MB)
LSR Groundwater Figure 4-3 (0.9 MB)
LSR Groundwater Figure 5-1 (3.1 MB)
LSR Groundwater Figure 6-1 (2.9 MB)

Download the final Eloika Lake study
Eloika Lake In-Depth Surface Water Storage and Wetland Restoration Feasibility Study (6.5 MB)

Download Final Reports for
West Branch Little Spokane River Surface Storage Opportunities
WRIA 57, Surface Storage and Groundwater Recharge Opportunities
WRIA 55/57 Wetland Opportunities

Contact: Reanette Boese, Spokane County Water Resources