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Soil Survey

The Spokane County Conservation District is currently in the process of completing an updated soil survey for Spokane County. The existing 1968 version is outdated and is no longer available due the lack of to its primary focus on agricultural interpretations and lack of consideration to current day factors such as urbanization and development. The need for an updated version is further driven by the more than 60 monthly requests for soil survey data, the lack of survey database certification, the need to update the 1950 photobase.

The updated soil survey will feature tools and information for:

  • Aquifer Protection
  • Geo-land Hazard Area Identification
  • Accurate Hydric Soils Identification
  • Updateable Soils Databases
  • Revised Soil and Water Interpretations
  • Resource Management
  • Custom Interpretations Designed for Users
  • Urban Growth Management
  • New Orthophoto Map Base
  • New Information Display Systems (GIS/CD-ROM)


Contact: Reanette Boese, Spokane County Water Resources