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Spokane County Conservation District Little Spokane River Studies

The Spokane County Conservation District (SCCD) is currently completing a number of water quality and quantity studies on the Little Spokane River. A summary of the studies is provided below.

Nitrogen Sampling

As a result of recent land development within the Little Deep Creek and Deadman Creek sub-basins, the SCCD is currently evaluating the nitrogen levels in Little Deep Creek and Deadman Creek. Sampling began January 2001 and continued through September 2002. Currently the final report is being prepared.

Macro Invertebrate Sampling

Benthic macro invertebrate samples were collected from the fall 2000 through the 2002 fall. The samples were collected from approximately 25 sites within WRIA 55 and identified by Dr. Lang of the Eastern Washington University Biology Department. Sampling follows the Washington State Department of Ecology protocols developed by Rob Plotnikoff. Currently a report is being prepared on the data collected during the 2002 summer.

Water Quantity

The SCCD operates five stream flow-monitoring stations within WRIA 55. All stations were installed September 1999 and record stream depth and water temperature at one-hour intervals. Water depths will be converted to mean daily stream depths followed by mean daily stream flows. SCCD is currently compiling the 2001 water year’s stream flow data. The stations monitored are:

LS-1 Little Spokane River, Scotia Rd. near Newport
LS-3 Otter Cr., Elk to Hwy Rd. near Elk
LS-4 Little Spokane River, Deer Park-Milan Rd. near Riverside
LS-5 Dragoon Cr., Crescent Rd., Chattaroy
LS-6 Deadman Cr., 15628 N. Little Spokane Dr. Spokane

Riparian Area Study

The SCCD is conducting a study of riparian area along the Little Spokane River. The study will be inventorying wetlands, evaluating their current area and by comparing current data with historical data an evaluation of riparian area lost will conducted. The wetlands inventory was conducted during the summer of 2002. A GIS layer is being created and a reporting will be completed in April 2003.

More Information:

Project Contact:

Walt Edelen
210 N. Havana
Spokane, Washington 99202
Phone: 509-535-7274
Fax: 509-535-7410


Contact: Reanette Boese, Spokane County Water Resources