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Other Projects
Stream Gaging
LSR Studies
H2O Quality Model
H2O Quality Assess.
Geologic Mapping
Soil Survey
Dam Relicensing
Weed Management

Other Projects

Continued research to improve understanding of local water resources is being completed to develop information for natural resource, stormwater and wastewater management. Currently, there are several on-going programs (in addition to the WRIA 55 and WRIA 57 assessments) to collect technical information. These additional programs include:

USGS Stream Gaging Program
Spokane County Conservation District Little Spokane River Studies
Ecology / Army Corps of Engineers Spokane River Water Quality Modeling
USGS Northern Rocky Mountain Water Quality Assessment
Washington Department of Natural Resources Geologic Mapping
Soil Survey Update
Stormwater Basin Planning
AVISTA Dam Relicensing
Contact: Reanette Boese, Spokane County Water Resources