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1-LSR @ Elk Park
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Storage Assessment

Otter Creek

This is the site on Otter Creek for the instream flow monitoring project. It is located near the confluence of Otter Creek and the Little Spokane River. This site will be monitored for depth, water velocity, discharge and water surface slope seven times over the period of this study. Cover and substrate information for this site was also collected.

There is no current or historic USGS gaging data available at this site. However, the Spokane County Conservation District currently maintains a stream gage at this site.

October 31, 2002   3.0 cfs September 24, 2002   3.7 cfs
January 8, 2003   3.7 cfs April 8, 2003   ~5.3 cfs
March 27, 2003   10.1 cfs  


Contact: Reanette Boese, Spokane County Water Resources