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Watershed planning under RCW 90.82 is being jointly conducted in the Little and Middle Spokane River Basins. The Spokane River System is tributary to the Columbia River and extends from Washington into Idaho. Water Resource Inventory Area (WRIA) 55 is comprised of the drainage basin of the Little Spokane River. WRIA 57 is comprised of the portions of the drainage basin of the Spokane River upstream of the confluence with Hangman Creek and within Washington State.

Spokane County is the lead agency and one of the initiating governments. Members of the Planning Unit include broad representation of interests within the basins and hold monthly meetings that are open to the public.

The watershed planning effort has identified a variety of water management challenges. This web site provides an overview of the project for the interested public and also provides access to project management and technical resources for project team members.

Visit the New Website about Low Water Use Landscaping in the Spokane Area

Spokane SmartScape

Technical Work completed June 2011

Download Final Reports for
2011 LSR Ground-Surface Water Monitoring Report (12 MB)

McKenzie Conservation Area Wetland Enhancement design
90% submittal drawing 5-4-11 (7.5 MB)
Final Funding Memo for McKenzie 11-3-10 (312 KB)
Memo - Supplemental Info_2-17-11 (24 KB)
90%Preliminary Cost Estimate 4-20-11 (11 KB)
Newman Lake research report (571 KB)

Technical Work completed June 2010

Download Final Reports for
LSR Ground-Surface Water Monitoring Report (9 MB)
The McKenzie Conservation Area Wetlands Rpt with addendum (25 MB)
LSR Stream Gauging Report (1 MB)
The Eloika Lake Outreach Report (0.5 MB)
Residential Water Use Survey Results Report (2.2 MB)
Residential Water Use Survey Results 9-1-10 Powerpoint (2 MB)

Go to the "Technical Work" tab for Technical Studies completed earlier.

Please send requests for further information by email or mail to Spokane County, the lead agency. The mailing address for Spokane County is:

WRIA 55/57 Watershed Planning
C/O Reanette Boese
Spokane County Utilities
1026 W. Broadway
Spokane WA 99260

This web page will be updated following regularly scheduled planning unit meetings. Comments/materials should be submitted before the end of the month to Reanette Boese, Spokane County Water Resources.



Joint Watershed Meeting

Wednesday October 1, 2014
10:00AM - 12:00PM

Spokane Conservation District
210 N Havana St
Spokane, WA

All meetings and hearings are conducted in facilities that are accessible to all members of the public. Additional information with regard to accessibility or notification of an ADA accommodation, should be made to Reanette Boese, Water Resource Specialist at 509-477-7575 or rboese@spokanecounty.org 5 days before the meeting.

Contact: Reanette Boese, Spokane County Water Resources