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1-Pend Oreille
2-LSR Headwaters
3-Fish of the LSR
4-Mt. Spokane
5-LSR Tributaries
7-Scenic Corridor
8-City of Deer Park
11-Spokane Valley
12-Hangman Creek
13-Baseflows to LSR


The Washington-Idaho state boundary is a political boundary that cuts across the Spokane Valley-Rathdrum Prairie (SVRP) aquifer, and across which the Spokane River flows. The area contributing drainage to the Spokane River stretches from WRIA 57 clear across Idaho to the Idaho-Montana state boundary. Activities within this catchment area affect flows of the Spokane River through WRIA 57. Such influences include snow pack accumulation and melt in the Rocky Mountains, operation of the Coeur d'Alene Lake reservoir, and the use of groundwater resources in the Rathdrum Prairie aquifer.

On-going efforts that may affect the interstate management of water resources of the Spokane River system and groundwater aquifers include applications for water rights, the findings of the USGS interstate aquifer study, and relicensing of the Avista Utilities' Spokane River Project.




Contact: Reanette Boese, Spokane County Water Resources