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1-Pend Oreille
2-LSR Headwaters
3-Fish of the LSR
4-Mt. Spokane
5-LSR Tributaries
7-Scenic Corridor
8-City of Deer Park
11-Spokane Valley
12-Hangman Creek
13-Baseflows to LSR

Headwaters of the Little Spokane River

The drainage of WRIA 55 is well-defined by hills surrounding the watershed. Discharge through a network of tributaries, including Dragoon, Deadman, and Dry Creeks as well as several others, is to the Little Spokane River that flows into the Spokane River downstream from the City of Spokane. The Selkirk Mountains (including Mount Washington) form the eastern boundary of the watershed that conveniently approximates the Washington-Idaho state boundary. The Huckleberry Range (including Blue Grouse, Look Lake, Scoop and Dunns Mountains) forms the western boundary of the WRIA 55.

The northern divide of the Little Spokane River pictured above is a sand and gravel filled trough connected to the Pend Oreille watershed. It is speculated that there is groundwater flowing south through this trough from the Pend Oreille to the Little Spokane River watershed. This groundwater flow may be contributing to the maintenance of baseflows in the headwaters of the Little Spokane River.


Contact: Reanette Boese, Spokane County Water Resources