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Water Quality Assessment

WRIA 54 Water Quality Assessment

The purpose of the Water Quality assessment is to aid in further understanding water quality issues, implementing projects that directly affect water quality or gathering data (monitoring) to better understand surface water and/or groundwater issues in the Lower Spokane River watershed.

The objectives of the water quality assessment are identified in RCW 90.82.090.

Current Status

Tetra Tech/KCM, the technical consultant, conducted a supplemental water quality assessment to:

-Identify and document water quality concerns
    -Identify water quality concerns not documented in Phase 2 Level 1
    -Determine possible causes
    -Develop preliminary recommendations for possible remedies
-Develop a water body inventory
    -Document characteristic uses for major MRIA 54 water bodies
    -Document where water quality standards are met, not met, and unknown
-Prioritize water quality issues
    -Draft a priority list, a water quality problem statement, and determine monitoring options

With information provided by the supplemental water quality assessment the WRIA 54 Planning Unit Water Quality Work Group determined that the best use of remaining grant funds would be development of Quality Assurance Project Plans (QAPPs) for two water quality monitoring projects.

WRIA 54 Water Quality QAPP Development Scope of Work