Technical Work
Phase 2 Level 1 Technical Assessment
INTERIM WRIA 54 Issue Statements
Multi-Purpose Water Storage Assessment
Instream Flow Assessment
Water Quality Assessment

WRIA 54 Phase 2 Level 1 Technical Assessment ~ January 2007

See below for Report & Appendices Tables of Contents, and Instream Flow Photo Observation photos

Report: Table of Contents
Technical Assessment - Title Page & Table of Contents (39.5 KB)
Executive Summary (178 KB)
Chapter 1 Introduction (5.4 MB)
Chapter 2 Watershed Characteristics (9.81 MB)
Chapter 3 Water Rights & Use (1.09 MB)
Chapter 4 Water Balance (2.45 MB)
Chapter 5 Future Water Demand (26.7 KB)
Chapter 6 Water Quality (1.15 MB)
Chapter 7 Conclusions (1.06 MB)
References (23.3 KB)
Appendices: Table of Contents
Appendix A - West Plains Groundwater level plots
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Appendix B - River Discharge Hydrographs
Appendix C - Aug2005 seepage run
Appendix D Water Rights Raw Data
Appendix E Water Use Raw Data
Appendix F Water Balance
Appendix G Future Water Demand