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WRIA 54 Multi-Purpose Water Storage Assessment

  • Draft Multi-Purpose Water Storage Report
  • The purpose of the multi-purpose water storage assessment (storage assessment) is to determine the feasibility of storing water during periods of excess capacity, for use during periods of limited capacity to mitigate current or future impacts to stream flow, provide new water supply, and/or to improve habitat. The water resource inventory area (WRIA) 54 storage assessment will consider the type of storage projects that will be useful in the Lower Spokane River watershed.

    The objectives of the storage assessment are identified in RCW 90.82.070 which states:

    The objective of these strategies is to supply water in sufficient quantities to satisfy the minimum instream flows for fish and to provide water for future out-of-stream uses. Out-of-stream uses include ensuring that adequate water supplies are available for agriculture, energy production, and population and economic growth under the requirements of the states Growth Management Act, Chapter 36.70A RCW.

    Types of potential storage projects include:

    1) Construction of new off-channel storage projects such as building an earthen or concrete impoundment, 2) Construction of new on-channel storage projects such as building an earthen or concrete dam, 3) Enlargement or enhancement of existing on-channel or off-channel storage facilities, and 4) Underground storage projects such as artificial recharge/aquifer storage utilizing injection wells or infiltration fields to introduce surface water from rivers into an aquifer.

    Current Status

    The WRIA 54 Multi-Purpose Water Storage Work Group (MSG) was organized in June 2006. The first meeting was held on July 12, 2006. The results of the first meeting included retaining TetraTech/KCM and their technical team of consultants to perform the WRIA 54 Multi-Purpose Water Storage Assessment. A draft Multi-Purpose Water Storage application was prepared and distributed for comment on September 28, 2006 with comments due by October 6, 2006. The draft application will be finalized and submitted to the Department of Ecology by the middle of October 2006.



    Nine Mile Falls Hydroelectric Dam

    Shadle Park Water Tower

    Long Lake Hydroelectric Dam