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The Lower Spokane River Watershed

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Watershed Planning under RCW 90.82 is being conducted in the Lower Spokane River Basin. The Spokane River system is tributary to the Columbia River and extends from Washington State into Idaho State. Water Resource Inventory Area (WRIA) 54 is the portion of the Spokane River beginning at the confluence with Hangman (Latah) Creek, and extending some 70 miles to the Lake Roosevelt portion of the Columbia River.

Spokane County is the lead agency and one of the initiating governments. Members of the Planning Unit include broad representation of interests within the basins and hold monthly meetings that are open to the public.

The watershed planning effort has produced a variety of information management challenges. This web site provides an overview of the project for the interested public and also provides access to project management and technical resources for project team members.

Please send requests for further information by mail or email to Spokane County, the lead agency. The mailing address for Spokane County is:

WRIA 54 Watershed Planning
C/O Mike Hermanson
Spokane County Division of Utilities
1026 W. Broadway
Spokane WA 99260

Or email to Mike Hermanson

Watershed Plan Implementation - Project Deliverables

West Plains Geophysical Orientation Survey
West Plains Geophysical Orientation Survey Final Report

West Plains Hydrogeologic Database Project
Entire Document (72MB)
Report (162KB)
Figures (14MB)
Cross Sections (55MB)
Project Data (7 MB)
Wells in Google Earth

West Plains 2011-13 Hydrogeologic Data Gathering & Evaluation
West Plains Groundwater Elevation Monitoring & Mapping Report
Deep Creek and Coulee Creek Groundwater-Surface Water Interaction Report
West Plains Recharge Assessment Report
EWU Subsurface Projection of CRBG & Paleodrainage study
Project Data

Stevens County Conservation District Lake Spokane Water Quality Project
Stevens CD Lake Spokane WQ Project Phase I
Stevens CD Lake Spokane WQ Project Phase II

Deep Creek and Coulee Creek Watershed Restoration - The Lands Council
Deep and Coulee Creek Phase I Report
Deep and Coulee Creek Phase II Report

Development of a Water Availability Investigation Standard
Final Report-Water Availability Advisory Group
Attachment A-Advisory Group Membership
Attachment B-Comment Letters
Attachment C-Available Hydrogeologic Data
Attachment D-Potential Tools to Address Water Availability
Attachment E-Water Supply and Land Use Steps
Attachment F-Background on Water Availability Standards
Attachment G-Water Availability Standard Presentation
Attachment H-Instream Flow Presentation
Attachment I- Water Availability Standards from Other Jurisdictions
Attachment J- NLW April 12 Presentation
Attachment K-Spokane County Hydrogeo April 26
Attachment L-Real Estate Disclosure Forms
Attachment M-365 195 WAC GMA Best Available Science
Attachment N-Plats Outside Water Service Areas Since 2003
Attachment O-Subdivision Options Flowchart



Planning Unit Meeting


Joint WRIA 54, 55/57, & 56 meeting - October 1, 10 am to noon at the Spokane Conservation District, 210 N. Havana St., Spokane, WA 99202

Watershed Plan & DIP
Final Detailed Implementation Plan

Final Watershed Plan-without figures

Final Watershed Plan-complete


All meetings and hearings are conducted in facilities that are accessible to all members of the public.  Additional information with regard to accessibility or notification of an ADA accommodation, should be made to Mike Hermanson, Water Resources Specialist, at 509-477-7260 or mhermanson@spokanecounty.org 3 working days prior to the meeting date.

This web page will be updated following regularly scheduled planning unit meetings. Comments and information should be submitted before the end of the month to Mike Hermanson, Spokane County Water Resources