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Saltese Flats Project - Reclaimed Water

Spokane County Division of Utilities is restoring wetlands at Saltese Flats to use as a possible alternate location for reclaimed water discharge. At this time, pipes to deliver reclaimed water to Saltese Flats do not exist. The Division of Utilities has considered several alternatives for reclaimed water use besides wetland restoration.

The Division of Utilities constructed a water reclamation facility to treat wastewater from the Spokane Valley. The treated water, called reclaimed water, is discharged directly to the Spokane River near the facility.

Reclaimed water is the product of highly treated wastewater and can be put to many beneficial purposes. The State of Washington does not consider reclaimed water to be wastewater and encourages its beneficial use. The Division of Utilities produces the highest quality reclaimed water, Class A, at its water reclamation facility.

One possible use of reclaimed water is wetland enhancement. A degraded wetland such as Saltese Flats could be improved with additional water. One consistent source of water is the effluent from a water reclamation facility. 

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