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Saltese Flats Project - Feasibility Study

(Completed March 2010)

Spokane County Division of Utilities conducted a feasibility study to examine wetland restoration at Saltese Flats. The study considered three project land areas, Options A, B, and C. Option A was approximately 350 acres. Option B included option A plus approximately 170 acres. The third option C, considered approximately 1200 acres including the majority of the Saltese Flats area below the 100-year flood elevation.

Saltese Flats study area options

The study consisted of several phases. The first study phase was to review existing data on the area.

The second phase was an on-site study to determine current conditions including:

  • Existing wetlands and soil types
  • Surface water and groundwater quantity and quality
  • Area climate and topography

 The third phase developed several restoration concept plans for possible restoration. The concept plans considered the three land area options, existing hydrology, and options of reclaimed water additions. Additionally, the concept plans provided ideas for wildlife habitat restoration and public access and education facilities such as trails or buildings.

Overall, the feasibility study found that wetland restoration is feasible at Saltese Flats using natural water and with additions of reclaimed water. 

Saltese Flats study area options map (5.6 Mb)

Reports and Documents  
Existing information review Final (13 MB) 02/05/2009
Final Feasibility Study  
          Report, no appendices Final Report (3.3 MB) 1/11/2010
          Appendices Final Appendices (18 MB) 1/11/2010
Final Conceptual Designs Final (13 MB) 3/29/2010


Feasibility Study Timeline and Meeting Information


August 2008 through 2009 On-site study and monitoring
October 15, 2008, 7:00-9:00 pm Public meeting
CenterPlace at Mirabeau Point Park
2426 Discovery Place, Spokane Valley, WA, 99216
November 12, 2009, 7:00-9:00 pm Public meeting:  Presentation of feasibility study results
Valley Real Life Ministries
1831 South Barker Road, Greenacres, WA, 99016
Meeting Presentation (4MB)