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Investigation Request

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND that many of the noxious weeds in Spokane County have gone to seed and our ability to ensure adequate control is limited.  The Field Inspectors have been laid off for this growing season and they will return in April 2016.  Your Investigation Request will be recorded and looked at in the spring.

Inspections begin with a written complaint submitted online, by mail or fax

This form can be used to request an inspection of your property to identify weeds and receive advice on control, or for concerns about another property with noxious weeds.

If your complaint is about weeds growing on County property or in a County right-of-way, contact the County Engineers at 477-3600.  They are responsible for maintaining all County owned properties and right-of-ways.

If you have fire hazard concerns, please contact your local fire department or contact one of these Code Enforcement agencies:

  • City of Spokane: 625-6083
  • Spokane County: 477-3675
  • City of Spokane Valley: 921-1000