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Spokane County provides free educational opportunities for school and private groups including:
- Guided and self-guided activities at the Water Resource Center (WRC)
- Elementary through adult instruction at the WRC or at remote locations

School programs

Spokane County provides facilitated and self-guided education programs at the Water Resource Center.  All programs are free and include hands on activities.
    - High school
    - Elementary and middle school
Lessons have been created to align with curriculum standards.

Special interest groups or after school/summer programs

Education programs for special interest groups or after school/summer programs are available at the Water Resource Center.  Topics and activities can be tailored to meet specific programs or goals.

Educational resources

Spokane County Utilities is available to provide off-site education programs in addition to visits to the Water Resource Center.  Please contact us for more information. 

Please contact us for more information about education programs at the WRC.