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Solid Waste

The Spokane Regional Solid Waste System was formed by interlocal agreement between the City of Spokane and Spokane County. The System is owned and operated by the City of Spokane and is responsible for providing solid waste disposal in Spokane County. The System has 3 disposal facilities: The Waste to Energy Plant, the North County Transfer Station and the Valley Transfer Station. For more information please visit the Spokane Regional Solid Waste System website.

The Solid Waste Closure section works to preserve air and water quality through the administration of remedial activities associated with the County's federally listed landfill cleanup sites in compliance with both state and federal regulations in a cost effective manner.

Colbert Landfill- closed in 1986
Greenacres Landfill- closed in 1972
Mica Landfill- closed in 1992

Section Manager:
Bill Wedlake
Public Works Building
1026 W. Broadway, Spokane, WA 99260

Phone: (509) 477-3604
Fax: (509) 477-4715
Office Hours: 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM,  Monday - Friday (excluding holidays). 

Spokane County does not manage any open, operational landfills. To find operational landfills that you can take your solid waste to, please visit the Spokane Regional Solid Waste System website.