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Currently Active One Year Sewer Connection Deadlines

Spokane County Division of Utilities has established a sewer connection deadline of the projects listed below. Click on the project name for a map of the project.

 Project  Deadline
 Gleneden  12/01/2010
 Owens  12/01/2010
 Veradale  02/01/2011
 Sherwood Forest/Mica Park  02/01/2011
 Sipple  02/01/2011
 Vera Terrace  02/01/2011
 Weatherwood  04/01/2011
 Veradale Heights  05/01/2011
 Edgerton  08/01/2011
 Johnston  08/01/2011
 Orchard  08/01/2011
 Upriver Terrace  08/01/2011
 Inland  11/01/2011
 Parks Rd  11/01/2011
 Carnahan  11/01/2011
 Electric RR  11/01/2011
 City Garden  02/01/2012
 Grandview Acres  02/01/2012
 Spaldings  02/01/2012
 Wandermere  02/01/2012
 Trentwood  05/01/2012
 Summerfield  05/01/2012
 Rockwell  08/01/2012
 Westwood  08/01/2012
 Pinery  09/01/2012
 Sutters  09/01/2012
 White Birch  07/15/2013
 Summerfield East, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Additions  07/15/2013
 Woodlawn Road  07/15/2013
 Liesl Subdivision  07/15/2013
 Valleyview  07/15/2013
 Clement  09/01/2013
 Rotchford Acres  09/01/2013
 West Ponderosa  11/01/2013
 Pine River  02/01/2014
 West Farms  02/01/2014
 South Green Acres  05/01/2014
 Corbin  07/01/2014
 Micaview  09/01/2014
 Cronk  09/01/2014
 Green Haven  11/01/2014