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Juror Information

Jury Service Informational Videos  

The following informational videos are available for viewing in order to acquaint you with Jury Service procedures and processes. 

Selection Process

The Master List is a combination of eligible Spokane County residents ages 18 and over from the driver’s license list, voter registration list, and State Identicard holder’s list. The law affecting eligible jurors in Washington State was changed in 1994 to include all three lists. Spokane County’s eligible resident population is presently estimated at 314,000. Jury service is discussed in the Revised Code of Washington (RCW) 2.36. Summons are mailed under the authority of the Spokane County Clerk.


Summons are sent to prospective jurors approximately six weeks prior to the month of service. The prospective juror is requested to complete the Juror Information Form and return it to Jury Management, 1116 W. Broadway Ave., Spokane, WA 99260-0350 immediately.  Approximately 2,000 summons are mailed per month for jurors serving in the three courts (Superior, District and Municipal).  Answers to questions on the Juror Information Form will assist in making the voir dire portion of the selection process more efficient.  

Length of Service

The term of service is two weeks; however, most jurors serve only three to five days. A fraction of the trials may extend beyond the two-week term. The Judge in any lengthy trial will instruct jurors as to the expected time-frame for that trial. The selected jurors are expected to serve on that specific trial until it has been completed.

Disqualification from Jury Duty

A juror is not qualified to serve if any of the following is true: 
  • The individual is less than 18 years of age.
  • The individual is not a citizen of the United States.
  • The individual is not a resident of Spokane County.
  • The individual is not able to communicate in the English language.
  • The individual is in custody of Washington Department of Corrections (DOC) or on DOC community custody.

If any of these reasons applies to you, please contact the Spokane County Superior Court Jury Management Office in writing to explain why you should be disqualified as a juror. 


As stated on the summons, if you have not received a response from the Court within ten days of your written request to have your jury duty rescheduled or released, then your request has been granted. You can also log into the Jury Management Information system to check your status. If your request to be disqualified has been granted, you will be advised when you attempt to log in.

Requesting an Excuse from Jury Duty

If you have a hardship that prevents you from serving on jury duty, the court prefers to reschedule you for a different week. However, the court recognizes that sometimes the hardships are more complicated, and jury duty is sometimes excused. Typical reasons for jurors to request to be excused are based upon medical, financial, or educational hardships. A written note detailing the "undue hardship, extreme inconvenience, or public necessity" is required for all hardship requests. For example: 
  • Medical hardships require a brief note from your physician. Prospective jurors over the age of 65 with chronic health conditions may provide their own note.
  • Financial hardships require a statement in writing from the employer regarding their policy to pay (or not pay) regular wages during jury duty.
  • Educational hardships require a copy of the class schedule showing the time of day conflicts.
  • Another common hardship involves residency - when the prospective juror has moved or plans to move outside of Spokane County prior to the scheduled jury duty. In this instance, the Court requires verification of the current physical address and county of residence. 
  • Please refer to our FAQ's page for additional information on being excused from Jury Duty.  


If you have not received a response from the Court within ten days of your written request to have your jury duty rescheduled or released, then your request has been granted. You can also log into the Jury Management Information system to check your status. If your request to be excused has been granted, you will be advised when you attempt to log in.  

Rescheduling Jury Duty

The Court realizes that occasionally jurors may have scheduling conflicts occur during the time frame for which they have been summoned. In these cases, the jury duty can sometimes be rescheduled. If you have a conflict and are submitting a postponement request through the mail, include a brief explanation of the conflict  and preferred service dates. If you are submitting this request online through the Jury Management Information system, you can reschedule the date one time only. The jury duty should be rescheduled to begin on the first business day of any week (usually Monday) within six months of the original (Summons) date of service. Please refer to our FAQ's page for additional information on rescheduling Jury Duty.  


Juror information is considered confidential, and will not be released unless by order of the court in which the juror has served on a trial. Information is for court use only, as stated on the Summons. 

No Smoking Allowed

The courthouse campus area is a non-smoking facility, and jurors are required to exit the building for smoking breaks. We request that jurors stay in the north-side vicinity of the annex. This makes it easier for the judicial assistant to find the juror, if juror needs to return to court.

Parking Information/Transportation

Since we mail a parking permit which allows free parking at a meter in the County lots, the court cannot be responsible for tickets due to an improperly parked vehicle of a juror. Please become familiar with the designated parking lots available for jurors before you attend jury duty. A highlighted parking map is available in the Jury Management Office in case you need further assistance. Parking is extremely limited near the courthouse, and you may prefer to ride the bus or carpool with someone. You may call STA (326-RIDE) (TDD 456-HEAR) or para transit (328-1552) (TDD 327-6055) for a schedule of transit available in your home area. Some bus route maps are available in the Jury Lounge for your use.

Orientation and Day #1

Jury service for Spokane County is an on-call basis for a two-week term. Our first day of service includes an orientation beginning normally at 8:30 a.m. Further information regarding jury duty will be provided through a video and other introductory information. Selection of jurors for individual trials proceeds during that first day. If a juror is not selected on the first day, the court instructs the juror to call a recording line (477-4720) each night during for the rest of the term of service, to determine which days the juror needs to report again for selection. Jurors whose Call Groups are not required to report on their first Monday of service will be asked to call the recording on Friday prior to their second week of service for further instructions.   A First Day Juror Information Sheet is also available for viewing. Please do not bring newspapers into the Jury Lounge.

On Call Process

Jurors are randomly placed into "call groups" of ten or more individuals, for the call-in process. As much as possible, groups are called in for selection on an alternating basis so that no juror is used excessively during their two-week term. It is possible that the court may need to place groups of jurors on-call for afternoon cases in some circumstances. In this event, jurors will be required to call the recording (477-4720) during the noon hour of that day to see if they need to report the current afternoon. Jurors may make this afternoon call from their place of employment. Jurors are then randomly selected into new jury trials each day as new cases commence. 

Day Length

Court sessions generally run from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (excluding orientation day). There are daily one-hour breaks for lunch, and usually a break each morning and afternoon.

Attendance Records, Bar Code, ID Badge, Juror Lounge

It is imperative that each juror who has been selected for a jury trial, or is reporting for selection, record their daily attendance immediately upon reporting. This procedure is explained at orientation. The record of attendance is necessary for work payroll and verification.

Delay in Process

Jury Management will notify you of any delays as information becomes available. You should be prepared to wait. You may wish to bring a book, needlework, or other small hobbies to work on during those breaks. However, the courts request no newspapers be brought to the courthouse, and that you not read about or listen to any media publications about any court cases from the time you receive your summons until you have completed your jury duty term.


Jury fees are set by the County Commissioners of each county. Spokane County's current fee is $10.00 per day of service. Mileage is paid at the State's current rate per mile. Payroll is processed weekly, and jury checks should be received within three weeks of the service date. If a juror serves during the second week of the jury term, a second check will be issued.

Social Security Number

A Social Security number is required in order for us to pay jurors. This is required by the IRS for County auditing, and is used only for this purpose. Please be prepared to check or give us your number on orientation day.  At no time will the jury coordinator or court staff person call you and ask for your social security number over the phone.  Social Security Numbers are purged from the system once jury checks are cashed.


Jury fees are reportable on income tax returns under other income; however, no IRS forms will be sent to jurors unless a juror has received over $600 from jury duty.


If a juror is receiving unemployment benefits, the $10.00 jury fee for each day will be subtracted from the unemployment benefits received for that week. The juror may need to provide a verification of juror days. Benefits will only decrease for those days that you report for jury duty. A juror is expected to seek employment on days when he/she is not serving as a juror during that two-week term.  See

Salary/Wage Reimbursement

Some places of employment pay regular wages while an individual is serving on jury duty. This is NOT a requirement however, and the decision to pay wages is entirely up to the business. If an employer does pay during absence due to jury duty, they will normally require that you give them your jury check upon receipt. Jurors may need to check with their employer to see if the business reimburses wages while they are absent for jury duty.

Pay Complications

Sometimes there are complications with receiving jury pay, such as incorrect address, inability to deliver mail, or lost checks. If jury payment has not been received within four weeks from the date of service, the juror should call the Court Administrator's Office and let the Jury Coordinator know.  

Verification for Work

Employment verification for days served is available upon request through the Jury Management Office. Verifications will include the times of arrival and departure for each day of service. Please check with your business in the event that they require you to report back to work when your jury duty is completed early in the day.

Social Media

The courts request that, both before and during jury duty, prospective jurors refrain from reading or communicating about court cases.  This includes social media such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.  Once jury duty is completed, these cases may be discussed.

Accommodation Request by Persons with a Disability

Wheelchair parking is available to the east of the north entrance to the Courthouse, as well as in the Jury Parking lot to the north of Juvenile Court on Adams. TDD phone connection is available for the hearing impaired at 509-477-5790. Additional accommodations are also available. 

Additional Information 

If you have additional questions about the Jury Duty process, please refer to our FAQ's page for additional information or contact the Jury Coordinator