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Mandatory Arbitration

In the spirit of Alternative Dispute Resolution, Spokane County Superior Court established a mandatory arbitration program in 1985. The purpose was to provide a speedy and fair resolution of civil cases with a monetary claim only of $50,000 or less. The arbitrator panel is made up of lawyers in the community who volunteer to serve as arbitrators for the court.

The current hourly rate of pay for arbitrators is $89.36 per hour, effective 9-1-14. One half of that amount is paid by Spokane County, the other half is paid by the State of Washington. 

Filing a Statement of Arbitrability requires a fee of $200.00, payable to the Superior Court Clerk's Office, room 300.

Filing a Trial DeNov (appealing an arbitration award) requires a fee of $250.00, payable to the Superior Court Clerk's Office, room 300.

Resource Information

If you have a question about Arbitration, you may contact the Civil Court Coordinator or telephone 509-477-4402 for information.