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Canines For Clean Water - Gallery of Furry Friends


Hans is the Canines for Clean Water mascot.  He is a great big, loveable hunk of a Bernese Mountain Dog owned by Dwight Hume.

To see more photos of Hans, click here.


Annie and Mac were the much loved four-legged children (Golden Retrievers) of Dan and Virginia Darrell.  Gone but never forgotten!

Foxy was a stray who was happily rescued by Cort and Brenda Sims.  Foxy crossed over the Rainbow Bridge in 2015.

  Dottie was the much-loved speckled pup that lived with Melissa Burchell.  Dottie was half Blue Heeler and half Cocker Spaniel! She was simply the best, but crossed over The Rainbow Bridge in 2013.
Thor is a Dalmation/Springer Spaniel mix who is the focus of much love and affection from owners Steve and Marcia Peters.  Thor enjoys daily walks and Saturday rides in "Daddy's" truck to go to the hamburger stand for a cheeseburger.  He loves motorcycles, racing, and enjoyed watching motocross races when he was younger.
Leesha, Annie and Riley are the companions of Nancy Owen.  This trio has 2 acres of fenced area to roam, run, hunt for moles, etc. and love to lay in the shade and play ball while Nancy cleans up after them. 
Harley is a Miniature Schnauzer, one of 3 four-legged "kids" loved by Eric and Angela Roth.  Harley was a puppy mill puppy that, at 6 weeks of age, the vet was not sure would pull through.  He is now 7, happy, healthy and still going strong.  Way to go, Harley (and Eric and Angela)!