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Northside Decant Facility
Country Homes Boulevard - Wall to Division
Market Street - Francis to Lincoln Stormwater Retrofit

Argonne Road - Wellesley to Maringo Drive Drywell Retrofit


Country Homes Boulevard Restoration Project 

In 2008, construction began and was completed for two state-of-the-art regional stormwater facilities known as the Browne Mtn. Regional Stormwater Facility and the Price and Wall Regional Stormwater Facility, the first of their kind in the Spokane County area.

Regional stormwater facilities serve large drainage areas and are intended to supplement the overall stormwater system in a defined area.  These facilities typically capture, control and filter stormwater before it percolates back into the ground.  In the Spokane County area this can mean filtering back into the Spokane Valley  Rathdrum Prairie Aquifer.

In the early days of Spokane County's Stormwater Utility, the Citizen's Committee on Stormwater Management ("CCSM") reviewed how the county was handling stormwater concerns and determined that the process needed refinement.  The CCSM concluded that the county needed a comprehensive stormwater program to plan, construct and maintain regional stormwater systems.  Since formation of the program, in 1992, studies have been conducted, priority areas identified and additional work has taken place to acquire sites that are appropriate for regional use.  The top two areas identified were the Glenrose Watershed, in particular the Browne Mtn. area, and the Five Mile area in North Spokane.

Browne Mtn. Regional Stormwater Facility 

Price and Wall Regional Stormwater Facility