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Stormwater Utility Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Stormwater Billing

Stormwater Problems

Why Am I Charged a Stormwater Fee?

In 1993, a stormwater fee was placed on all properties within an identified Stormwater Service Area. Properties within that unincorporated area are charged an annual fee to provide funding for stormwater management plans and basic stormwater services.

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How Are Stormwater Fees Calculated?

Average single-family homes, duplexes and triplexes are charged a flat fee per unit per year. Other properties are charged based on the amount of hard surface (rooftop, parking lot, gravel, storage lot, areas where the natural vegetation has been disturbed for parking, driving, etc.) on the property.

Annual stormwater rates are based on an Equivalent Residential Unit (ERU) measurement. Parcels with the drainage characteristics of a single-family parcel receive a flat rate. The average single-family residential parcel in unincorporated Spokane County has 3,160 square feet of hard (impervious) surfaces. This is defined as 1 ERU. The rate for 1 ERU is determined by the service area, as described below.

Stormwater service charges for businesses, industries, farms, apartment buildings and other non-residential land uses are calculated based on their impervious coverage as compared to the average single-family residential unit. For example, if a commercial parcel has four times more impervious coverage than a residential parcel, it is charged four times the single-family rate for the drainage service area.

Annual charges are based on the specific rates for each of the service areas as shown below. Maps of the specific service areas are available from Spokane County Engineering and Roads, Stormwater Section.

Annual Rates

Drainage Service Area Equivalent Residential Unit
Glenrose $63
North Spokane $40
West Plains $48
Remainder of service area $21

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Why Has My Stormwater Fee Changed?

If additional structures or impervious surfaces have been added to the property, the stormwater charge will increase. Periodically, the county receives new data, such as aerial photographs, which are used to update the billing for properties such as farms.

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Who can I talk to about general concerns regarding flooding in my neighborhood?

Please use the Help Form to leave your contact information and a general description of your concern. Someone from the Stormwater Utility Section will contact you. You can also call our office 509/477-3600 during regular business hours.

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How do I report a flooding problem on my property or in my home?

Each situation is unique, please use the  Help Form to provide detailed information regarding your situation, or call 509/477-3600 to report the problem.

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Who do I report a drainage or flooding, that isn't on my property, to?

If a storm drain in front of your house does not work properly and causes water to pond in the roadway and adjacent area, please use the  Help Form, or call 509/477-3600 to report the problem.

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Where can I find the Spokane Regional Stormwater Manual?

The Spokane Regional Stormwater Manual (SRSM) was adopted on June 1, 2008 and will be applied to new projects as of that date. The SRSM is considered an equivalent manual to the Stormwater Management Manual for Eastern Washington (published by Department of Ecology in September 2004) and replaces the Spokane County Guidelines for Stormwater Management. The manual can be viewed by clicking here:   Spokane Regional Stormwater Manual.

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