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Deputy Injured During Traffic Stop

Posted 3/31/2014 3:48 PM by MDGREGORY

On Friday March 28th 2014 at approximately 10:30 p.m., Spokane County Sheriff’s Deputies Brad Humphrey and Shawn Audie were working together as a two person patrol unit when they conducted a traffic stop of a vehicle in the area of Argonne and Maringo Drive.

Deputy Humphrey had checked the vehicle’s license plate and learned the driver’s license of the registered owner, 48-year-old Joseph J. Olson, was suspended. They advised dispatch of the location of the traffic stop but failed to provide the usual additional information. Several attempts made by dispatch to contact the deputies by radio were unsuccessful, and several deputies responded to the location to assist.

When Deputy Howe arrived, he observed Deputy Humphrey taking Olson into custody and Deputy Audie standing at the rear of the vehicle watching the male passenger who was being very belligerent. Deputy Howe knocked on the window to contact the male, later identified as 47-year-old Harold J. Spencer Jr., but he immediately began yelling and cussing. When Deputy Howe opened the door to talk to Spencer, he became even more irate and began reaching around in the vehicle. Deputy Howe attempted to calm Spence down several times without success. Seeing an open beer can sitting next to Spencer between the seat and the passenger door and an unopened 12 pack of beer on the floor between his feet, Deputy Howe asked Spencer for identification. Spencer continued to fail to follow commands. He picked up the 12 pack of beer and swung it at Deputy Howe. Deputy Howe grabbed his arm and told Spencer he was under arrest. At this point, Deputy Audie stepped in to assist, but Spencer grabbed Deputy Audie’s arm and pulled him toward the inside of the vehicle, causing Deputy Audie’s head to strike the doorframe. Deputy Howe pulled Spencer out of the vehicle and onto his stomach on the ground. Deputy Howe noticed Deputy Audie fall on his back as Spencer continued to violently resist. Deputy Howe tried to gain control of Spencer’s arms and place handcuffs on him while Deputy Audie appeared to lose consciousness. Deputy Howe continued telling Spencer he was under arrest and to stop resisting but he would not follow commands. With the assistance of Corporal Pat Bloomer, Deputy Howe was able to handcuff Spencer who continued to yell and scream obscenities.

Medics arrived on scene to treat both Deputy Audie, who was now conscious and alert, and Spencer, but Spencer denied being injured or in need of medical attention.

Deputy Howe informed Spencer he was being charged with Assault 3rd, Obstructing, and Resisting Arrest. As Deputy Howe began to transport Spencer to the Spokane County Jail, Spencer stated he was going to sue and now wanted medical attention for a neck injury. He began yelling over and over that we were “goons’ and “murderers” and he was going to sue. Medics were called back to the scene to provide medical attention. As he was being treated, Spencer looked over at Deputy Audie and tried to spit on him but missed. As a precaution, Spencer was transported to a local hospital for treatment but he continued to be uncooperative and belligerent

After being discharged from the hospital, Spencer was transported and booked into the Spokane County Jail. He also received a citation for having an open container of alcohol in a motor vehicle.

Olson was issued a citation for Driving While Suspended and released at the scene.

Deputy Audie appeared to receive only minor injuries and was sent home for the remainder of his shift.