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Wanted Fugitive Can’t Escape K9 Laslo

Posted 12/16/2013 12:54 PM by MDGREGORY
Wanted Fugitive Can’t Escape K9 Laslo image

On December 13th just before 5:00 a.m., Spokane Valley Sheriff’s Deputies were attempting to locate a wanted suspect, 24-year-old Aaron V. Doney, in the area of the 1000 block of South Herald. Doney had a confirmed felony warrant for his arrest for burglary in Wyoming and was believed to be at a residence at the location.

Several Spokane Valley Sheriff’s deputies responded, including Deputy Jeff Thurman and his partner K9 Laslo. Finding fresh foot prints in the snow, Deputy Thurman began searching the area with Laslo on lead. As they approach a 8 foot fence near a van and a shed, Laslo began to bark and pull toward the front of the van. Deputy Thurman observed Doney hiding under the engine area of the van and immediately yelled at Doney, informing him he was under arrest, to show his hands and crawl out or he would release Laslo. Doney started to crawl out toward the fence as Deputy Thurman continued to give commands to stay on his stomach. Doney failed to follow commands and got up from the ground into a crouched position. Doney stared at the deputy and K9 as he was continually told to get back on the ground or the K9 would be deployed. He suddenly stood up, moved toward the fence and began to try and climb over. With Doney now actively trying to escape arrest and not knowing if he was armed while exhibiting signs of possibly being under the influence of a controlled substance, Deputy Thurman released Laslo to apprehend him.

As Laslo contacted Doney, Doney fell to the ground but continued to resist by trying to get back up on his feet. Deputy Thurman tried to assist Laslo and keep Doney on the ground, but Doney continued to struggle causing them both to fall to the ground. With Doney now on his stomach, Deputy Thurman stood up and took control of Laslo as Deputy Hubbell and Deputy Bodman moved in to take him into custody. Although Doney continued to struggle, the deputies gained control and placed him in handcuffs.

Doney was treated and released for minor injuries. He told Deputy Thurman he tried to run because he did not want to go back to prison in Wyoming even though he heard Deputy Thurman’s multiple commands and knew K9 Laslo was there.

Neither Deputy Thurman nor Laslo received any injuries requiring medical attention.

Doney was booked into the Spokane County Jail as a fugitive for the Wyoming burglary warrant and may face additional charges for resisting arrest and obstructing.

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