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Protect Yourself from Vehicle Prowlers

Posted 11/19/2013 12:42 PM by MDGREGORY

**** Vehicle Prowling Number Clarification ****

The number of vehicle prowlings we just put out are for prowlings in the area of Centennial Trailheads. The correct number of total vehicle prowlings for Spokane County and Spokane Valley residents are as follows:

2012-Jan. 1-November 18th-1,899
2013-Jan. 1-November 18th-1,825

Sorry for the confusion.

To date, Spokane County residents, including Spokane City and Spokane Valley, have reported over 180 vehicle prowlings since the beginning of the year. The past two years the number of reported incidents was 107 for the entire year.

A large majority of these crimes have occurred at Centennial Trailheads. Citizens have been victimized by either, leaving their doors unlocked, windows down or valuables inside their vehicle in plain sight. With the holiday season approaching, the Sheriff's Office would like to remind citizens to not leave valuables out in plain sight inside their vehicles, to detach GPS units from their dashboard if possible and to place their garage door opener in an alternate location other than their visor.

As always, if you witness suspicious activity you are urged to call Crime Check at 509-456-2233.