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***Update*** Valley Burglar Caught In the Act (Posted October 30th)

Posted 11/1/2013 3:55 PM by MDGREGORY

After serving the search warrant on the Jeep Cherokee, Spokane Valley Property Crime Detective Roger Knight located a pawn slip that has resulted in identifying several snow blowers and generators that were stolen and pawned. Detective Knight is asking the public to make sure they are not missing these items from their property. If anyone is missing either of these items, you are asked to contact Detective Knight at 477-3339. Some type of proof of ownership will be required to redeem your property.

Original Press Release:
Valley Burglar Caught In the Act

Yesterday, October 29th, 2013, at 10:30 a.m., Spokane Valley Sheriff's Deputy Chan Erdman responded to a vehicle prowling call near 4500 S. VanMarter. Dispatch said the complainant called in to report his work truck was broken into and several tools were taken. The complainant said the suspect left in a dark Jeep Cherokee and provided a possible Idaho license plate.

At about 10:35 a.m., Sgt. Dave Martin spotted a vehicle matching the description traveling northbound on Dishman Mica near 28th. Sgt. Martin and Deputy Jim Ebel stopped the vehicle at 4th and Dishman Mica and contacted the driver, 32-year-old Michael Hill.

While Deputy Ebel and Sgt. Martin were speaking with Hill, Deputy Erdman returned to VanMarter to contact the complainant. He told Deputy Erdman he was replacing windows at a residence when the homeowner brought it to their attention someone was taking tools out of their van. The complainant ran outside and saw the male suspect leave in the Cherokee. He looked in his van and saw thousands of dollars worth of power tools had been stolen. Deputy Erdman gave the homeowner a ride to 4th and Dishman Mica where she positively identified Hill as the person that was in the van. Deputy Erdman was also able to see power tools inside Hill's vehicle matching the description the victim provided.

Deputy Erdman gave the homeowner a ride home and when he arrived, dispatch advised there had been another burglary reported near the 3900 block of S. Woodruff Road. Deputy Erdman contacted the homeowner and he told him he heard his dogs barking and looked out in the garage. He said he was holding his infant child and saw a dark Cherokee parked across the street. He laid his child down, came back out to the garage and saw the vehicle was gone. He looked around and saw he was missing a Skill Saw and a Spectra laser level both totaling $1,270.00 in value.

Deputy Erdman returned to 4th and Dishman Mica. Deputy Ebel said Hill chose not to speak with him but that the 28-year-old female passenger was willing to talk. She agreed to take Deputy Erdman to two locations Hill had burglarized while she was with him. Without any input from Deputy Erdman, she drove him to both victims' homes he had been at. Today, Wednesday, October 30th, Spokane Valley Property Crimes Detectives served a search warrant on the vehicle and returned all the stolen items back to both victims.

• Hill was booked into the Spokane County Jail on the felony charges of Residential Burglary, two counts of 2nd Degree Theft, and a misdemeanor charge of Vehicle Prowling.