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Man Threatens Three With Firearm

Posted 5/17/2012 1:47 PM by MDGREGORY

On Wednesday, May 16th, Spokane County Sheriff's Deputy S. Palmer responded to the area of Trent and Argonne in reference to a person with a weapon call. The victims in this incident had provided 911 with the suspect's license plate which provided dispatch with enough information to locate a phone number for the owner of the vehicle, 30 year old Jarred Woods. The victims said Woods had threatened them with a firearm while driving south on Argonne Road.

Dispatch contacted Woods, who said he was still in the area of Trent and Argonne. Deputy Palmer contacted Woods who initially told him he did have a firearm, but that it was in the trunk. Woods told Deputy Palmer he never pointed the weapon at anybody, but after further conversation with Deputy Palmer, admitted he did display it to occupants of another vehicle. Woods said he displayed the weapon because he was "afraid" of the other driver.

After Deputy Palmer located a .40 caliber Baretta handgun in the trunk of Wood's vehicle, he contacted the victims which consisted of an adult male driver and two juvenile female passengers. All three told Deputy Palmer they were traveling southbound on Argonne near Wellesley as they passed Woods' vehicle. They said Woods swerved to the left causing them to nearly swerve into northbound oncoming traffic to avoid being struck. It was at that point when Woods raised the firearm in the air and began yelling at the victims. Woods displayed the weapon several more times to the victims as they called 911. Woods does have a concealed weapons permit, however his weapon was taken as evidence.

• Woods was arrested for three counts of Intimidation With a Firearm.

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