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Press Release for Spokane County Detentions Services

Posted 10/17/2013 2:15 PM by MDGREGORY

Geiger Garden Closed for the Winter

This week, several offenders at the Geiger Corrections Center spent a few hours harvesting the remaining vegetables, pulling plants for composting, rolling up hoses and cleaning tools to wrap up the 2013 gardening season. The final harvest yielded 358 lbs. of fresh vegetables which were delivered to the Evergreen Club, a component of Frontier Behavioral Health.

This year’s total amount of donated vegetables from the garden totaled just over a ton at 2003 pounds.

Corrections staff made deliveries to over ten different organizations over the summer including multiple churches, homeless shelters and food banks, all of which rely heavily on outside donations.

The gardening component of programs offered at Geiger has had a significant impact on numerous levels. The community benefits directly from the donations of fresh vegetables and the offenders benefit from the program as well. In addition to developing their job-related and interpersonal communication skills, several offenders took great pride and ownership in the garden allowing them the opportunity to do something productive and beneficial for their community.

The Geiger garden is just one example of the positive programs offered to offenders while housed at the Geiger Corrections Center. These programs are extremely beneficial to our community because of the offenders hard work combined with the dedication of the Geiger staff.

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