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Homeowner Locates Felon On Her Property

Posted 8/26/2013 12:11 PM by CKCHAMBERLIN

On Saturday morning, August 24th, 2013, at about 1:45 a.m., Spokane County Sheriff's Deputies Pratt, Westlake and Brooke responded to the 6900 block of N. Regal St. on a suspicious person call. The homeowner told deputies she saw a suspicious person on her property and she was concerned because her elderly mother lived next door to her.

Deputies arrived on scene and located the suspect, identified as 22-year-old Christopher Tremain, inside the car port kneeling down in front of one of the victim's vehicles. The deputies ordered Tremain to step away from the vehicle several times. Initially, Tremain refused to cooperate. After he followed commands, Tremain was detained while the deputies continued their investigation.

Deputy Pratt located a backpack, a single mechanics glove, a frozen can of lemonade and a flashlight in front of the car Tremain had been kneeling at. Deputy Westlake told Deputy Pratt Tremain said there was a handgun inside the backpack, which he said he found in a garage. The gun had been reported lost or missing from a residence in Spokane Valley back in 2010.

After Deputy Pratt learned Tremain had previously been convicted for three burglaries, he was placed under arrest for Unlawful Possession of a Firearm. Tremain told deputies he was thirsty and had taken the lemonade out of the freezer in the carport. The complainant and her mother both wanted to pursue charges for trespassing.

• Tremain was booked into the Spokane County Jail for the felony charge of Unlawful Possession of a Firearm and Criminal Trespass 1st and 2nd Degree.