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Entry Level Deputy Sheriff Testing

Posted 8/23/2013 9:45 AM by CKCHAMBERLIN

Attached is an Officer Candidate (Deputy Sheriff), entry level information sheet for an upcoming test on September 13th, 2013. The closing date for the test is August 30th, 2013.


CLOSING DATE: August 30, 2013 at 4:30 p.m. TEST DATE: September 13, 2013
SALARY: $3687.02/mo. + benefits
(Pre-test workshop will be held September 10, 2013 at 6:00 p.m. Valley Training Center, 10319 E Appleway Blvd., Spokane Valley. Seating limited to 70. Reservations required and accepted only after application has been submitted.)
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Note: In order to determine the most qualified candidates, Civil Service has changed its testing process for Officer Candidate (Deputy Sheriff). After the written and PAT, applicants will be notified of their preliminary standing. The top 20% (Tier 1) of those on the initial list will be scheduled for oral boards. Final grade and standing is a combination of written and oral board scores. Applicants must pass with a minimum of 70% on the written and oral board.

Submit the following documents when filing:
• Civil Service Application packet
• Physical Ability Test Waiver
• Sealed official high school/GED and college transcripts (if applicable). If unable to submit sealed transcripts at time of application, you must provide proof that they have been ordered.
• Application for Veteran’s Preference and DD-214 (copy), if applicable (See RCW 41.04.010 as to how Veteran’s Preference is applied.)
• Current driver’s license (copy)
• Birth certificate (copy of state issued-not hospital issued)
• Social security card (copy)
• Non-refundable $15.00 processing fee (check or money order payable to SCCSC; no cash will be accepted).

• United States citizen, who can read and write the English language. Candidates 20 years of age may apply but must be 21 before expiration of the list (one year).
• High school graduate or equivalent (GED)

• Vision at least 20/100 correctable to 20/20 or 20/30 in the lesser eye. No color vision deficiencies. Normal hearing in voice tones from 500 to 2000 Hz.
• Applicant must qualify through background investigation. Upon conditional offer of appointment, all applicants shall be subject to polygraph, medical and psychological evaluation.
• Must have and retain valid driver’s license.

This is a union position and, as such, as a condition of employment, the selected individual is required to join.

Physical Ability Test: All applicants who pass the written exam will be required to qualify on the WA State Basic Law Enforcement Academy physical ability test on October 3, 2013. Grip strength of 90 lbs strong hand/80 lbs lesser hand is required and will be tested. This is a pass/fail test.

EXAMPLES OF DUTIES: (Includes but is not limited to the following): Patrol assigned area in patrol car (may also use helicopter, motorcycle, water craft); cite law violators. Make security checks of businesses and industrial districts. Investigate and render assistance at auto accidents. Maintain surveillance of public gatherings as requested.

Answer radio calls for emergency assistance and law enforcement including crimes of violence, unruly crowds, auto accidents, child neglect, thefts/frauds, vandalism, and all other misdemeanors and felonies.

Take necessary steps to restore the peace, and renders first aid and other emergency assistance; conducts initial investigation.

Serve warrants, make arrests, and transport criminals. Administer tests for intoxication. Testify in court as arresting officer. Serve civil processes and confiscate property by court order.

Interview witnesses, suspects, complainants and victims in crime situations; arrest suspects and transport to jail for incarceration; compose and submit written reports. Testify in court or at hearings.

Subdue or restrain persons committing or believed to be about to commit acts of violence according to the urgency of the need in the judgment of the senior officer present.
Render first aid, assist the public, deliver emergency messages, provide escort services, control crowds, intervene in crises, mediate civil complaints, gather intelligence, serve warrants,

Serve subpoenas, writs and other civil and legal papers, process extraditions, control vicious animals, educate the public in prevention of all crimes.
Answer phone calls, handle inquiries or complaints, act as hospital guard, serve as information officer on front desk.

Perform other work as required.

BEHAVIORAL STANDARDS: Respectful and courteous to citizens, co-workers and County leadership. A team player that helps the organization meets its objectives. Communicate effectively with all people. Positively represents the County; maintaining the trust County residents have placed in each of us. Demonstrate honest and ethical behaviors.


Ability to:
• learn and understand applicable laws and rules of evidence
• respond quickly and exercising sound judgment under conditions of danger, confusion, and personal affront
• learn proper methods of physical restraint of other persons
• handle firearms safely and fire them accurately
• maintain cooperative and responsible attitude toward co-workers and general public including citizens from varied racial, ethnic and economic backgrounds
• speak and write effectively, using good grammar

All information submitted in the application and in any attachments or supporting documents must be true, correct, and complete. Providing false or incomplete statements will be justification for termination or refusal of employment. All application materials are due by 4:30 p.m. on the close date. POSTMARKS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

By order of the Spokane County Civil Service Commission dated at Spokane, Washington this 13th day of August, 2013.