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Puppy Update

Posted 8/14/2013 12:44 PM by MDGREGORY

Yesterday evening while on his day off, Spokane County Sheriff’s Deputy Marc Melville received information there was an ad posted earlier in the morning regarding 2 lost puppies.

Deputy Melville located the ad and after reading it, he realized the puppy he had taken in early Monday morning during his shift was one of the lost puppies. He contacted the poster and learned she had been watching the family of dogs for a friend. When she went to check on them, she found 2 of the puppies were missing.

Deputy Melville brought the little guy over to her location to confirm this was one of the lost puppies. The puppy immediately ran over and happily joined his momma unfortunately eroding any doubt in Deputy Melville’s mind.

Deputy Melville talked with the female about the call he had responded to and the description of the suspect. She explained she didn’t know anyone matching the description and she believed the puppies may have been taken from the location or they got out somehow. The other dogs were well taken care of, and being convinced the 7-week-old puppy was now reunited with his mom, Deputy Melville reluctantly said good bye to his new friend.

He and his family are obviously saddened the puppy couldn’t stay with them but it was nice to see him reunited with his family. Deputy Melville let her know if the owner, who is currently out of town, should happen to change his mind and want to sell the puppy, he would be ecstatic to take the little guy home.

Deputy Melville and the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office would like to “Thank” everyone for all the kind words and messages of support we have received. It is truly appreciated.