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Crime Stats Up in Valley, Down in the County

Posted 7/9/2013 1:44 PM by MDGREGORY

Through the first six months of 2013, crime statistics have shown a decrease in unincorporated Spokane County and an increase in Spokane Valley. The following is a list of the percentage of change for the following crimes in both areas comparing the first six months of 2012 to 2013.

Unincorporated Spokane County:
• Assault-8% increase.
• Commercial Burglary-2% increase.
• Garage Burglary-30% decrease.
• Residential Burglary-50% decrease.
• Crimes Against Persons-5% increase.
• Crimes Against Property-12% decrease.
• Domestic Violence-1% decrease.
• Drugs-46% decrease.
• Forgery-11% increase.
• Malicious Mischief-11% decrease.
• Robbery-27% increase.
• Sex Crimes-2% decrease.
• Stolen Vehicles-8% decrease.
• Theft-8% decrease.
• Vehicle Prowling-4% decrease.

Spokane Valley:
• Assault-2% decrease.
• Commercial Burglary-26% increase.
• Garage Burglary-9% increase.
• Residential Burglary-13% increase.
• Crimes Against Persons-2% decrease.
• Crimes Against Property-14% increase.
• Domestic Violence-1% increase.
• Drugs-21% decrease.
• Forgery-15% increase.
• Malicious Mischief-2% decrease.
• Robbery-56% increase.
• Sex Crimes-8% increase.
• Stolen Vehicles-22% increase.
• Theft-14% increase.
• Vehicle Prowling-18% increase.

Sheriff Knezovich has recognized that Spokane Valley has seen an increase in several crimes, specifically Robbery. This is a primary focus of the Sheriff's Office which was why the Regional Property Crimes Task Force has been implemented to share intelligence and resources in order to combat this, and other increasing crime rates.