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Try Walking in Their Shoes by Jennifer LaRue May 31st, 2013

Posted 6/11/2013 2:09 PM by MDGREGORY

Life through the lens of Spokane County Sheriff’s Training Center
If someone were to happen upon the unfortunate scene near the corner of Pines and Sprague where Deputy Fred Morford was wrestling on the ground with a female, pressing her face into the gravel and twisting her to compliance, they might be inclined to whip out a cell phone and begin recording the incident up until the moment the deputy put the “victim” in a semi-headlock. The “witness” might then post it online with the heading “cop beats woman for no reason” and the short clip would spread like wildfire, raising the ire of the masses as well as the negative perception of law enforcement.
All Deputy Morford was doing was his job and experiencing a little embarrassment. “She bamboozled me. I should have never left the driver’s side door open,” he admits. The back-story goes like this: It was a simple call; a shoplifter was being detained at a box store and Morford was prepared to just write a ticket. The alleged thief was polite enough even after meth was found in her purse and a ticket turned into an arrest. Though she didn’t have identification, she gave her name as he handcuffed her and placed her in the back seat of his car.
Driving down Sprague Avenue, the woman started to feel ill and asked if he would pull over so she could throw up. He did and, as he held the door open for her to lean out, she asked that he let her get out of the car. He did. “I thought it was the humane thing to do,” he says. As she began dry heaving, she turned towards him and did a fine job of pretending that she was seconds from projectile vomiting on him and, as he stepped back to avoid the mess, she made a beeline for the open driver’s door and jumped behind the wheel, her hands no longer cuffed. “She had slipped right out of them. I hadn’t noticed that she was very sweaty, slimy even,” he explains.

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