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Paving Scam Info

Posted 6/11/2013 12:29 PM by MDGREGORY

There have been reports of an out of state paving company in the area. Often these companies scam people by not providing the thickness of pavement agreed upon, take payment and not perform the agreed upon work, and greatly inflate the price of work to be performed. Often times elderly citizens are victimized by these types of companies.
To learn more, Google "Irish Traveler Paving Scams" as well as "Traveling Paving Company Scams". The Better Business Bureau will be putting out a press release soon to warn consumers as well. These companies usually have trucks with out of state plates and more times than not do not have proper business licenses for Washington State.
If you are contacted by one of these companies you are urged to contact the Better Business Bureau to ensure they are a licensed, legitimate company. If you do have elderly family or friends, especially in remote areas of Spokane County, please make sure they are aware these types of companies tend to frequent our area every spring and they tend to target the elderly community.